Certaldo 10th– 14th July 2019

In less than a month the famous “Mercantia” festival will be staged in the small medieval village of Certaldo Alto which will bring street artists from all over the world and many fans and visitors through the streets and courtyards of the village, like every year. The numbers of the last edition speak of 50.000 spectators in 5 days and over 100 shows a day.

This year’s poetic title will be: “La Santa Allegria”, which already anticipates a contrast between the sacred and the profane.

At Mercantia there is almost everything: comedy and drama, stage or garden shows, aerial structures, circus shows, lots of good music, street parades, crafts and good food. So why miss it?

Festival schedule:

From 10th to 12th July: from 8.00 pm to 01.00 am

Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th July: from 6.00 pm to 01.30 am

Ticket office hours:

from 4.30 pm to 12.30 pm