Owned by the Bini family (known as Mariambini) since 1870, this tiny, ancient hamlet, surrounded by vineyards and olive groves, is located in the centre of the family-run farm.

Bordering with Villa del Terraio, built in 1500, it connects up to the latter by means of a majestic cypress-lined avenue leading up to the historical 10-hectare park surrounding the Villa.

Close proximity to Empoli (2 km) guarantees the centrality of the location in Tuscany, approximately 30-40 km from the cities of art like Florence, Pisa, Siena, San Gimignano and Volterra. This property is the perfect spot for spending magnificent holidays or short business trips. A stay at Borgo San Giusto means to combine the tranquillity of the Tuscan countryside, rich in art and history, with the comfort of modern facilities.

Pianist, Stefano Bollani, a guest at Borgo San Giusto
Gad Lerner ospite a Borgo San Giusto



A breathtaking landscape, an elegant apartment and a small private Jacuzzi: Borgo San Giusto offers the tops for couples seeking romance in Tuscany.


Spacious, comfortable accommodation in Tuscan style. The wide outdoor areas, all fenced in and out of bounds for vehicles, make the Borgo the perfect spot for families travelling with children, while the adults will appreciate the landscape and excellent facilities.


A handy place to stay, close to the Empoli-Valdelsa business area, in a private room with a restaurant alongside, that also offers the chance to relax in nature and enjoy the swimming pool.


Borgo San Giusto is proud to have welcomed VIPs on business trips, as well as families and couples in search of elegant and comfortable accommodation while holidaying in Tuscany. Empoli’s location along one of the main commercial routes of Tuscany also makes Borgo San Giusto the perfect logistical base for business trips.
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The walls of Borgo San Giusto enclose an ancient history that is revived in the activities we provide. The gentle slopes of the Tuscan hills act as a backdrop to the Borgo and the fertile lands that produce our wines.


It’s peaceful setting in a central location perfect for travelling around Tuscany. Staff are very friendly and helpful. The independent restaurant attached to the Borgo serves excellent food.
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This is a real gem! Beautiful hotel, great garden and swimming pool. The on-site restaurant is really good: great typical Tuscan food and good value for money. Pity we could only stay one night. We’ll be back soon!
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A nice rural hotel near Empoli, a beautiful building painted in deep red, the rooms were very comfortable indeed. It gives you easy access to many cities and villages of Tuscany without the limitations of staying in a big town.
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